EDA system

Eda is a modern ticketing system that gives you comprehensive supervision over all tasks and projects that are going on in your company. This system replaces shared documents on the network, an email client, or handwritten notes. Eda will significantly simplify and streamline work flow in your company and save not only time but also money.

Advantages of using EDA
eda as helpdesk
Productivity monitoring

Advantages of using EDA

  • Supervision of Tasks
    In the case of giving tasks verbally, by telephone or by email, the task is often forgotten and not done. This cannot happen if you use EDA. Tasks are in the form of tickets arranged in particular projects. Each task is assigned to a user (or group of users) responsible for the task. The author of the task or a person in charge of supervising tasks / projects monitors the progress of the tickets. And EDA helps. Automatic emails and notifications in the system alert users about tasks which are about to start soon and about unfinished tasks after deadline.

  • Intuitive Modern Interface
    The EDA interface is very intuitive – first thing a user sees is a list of tasks assigned to him. He sees status of the tasks and how much time he has left to complete them. That gives him an immediate overview of his work. The interface is fully responsive and we have devoted much time to optimizing it for mobile phones. EDA does not have a classic mobile application, the web version can fully replace it. This solution has many advantages over the classic mobile app. The complete EDA settings are the same in your mobile device as in your computer, the web application is always up to date, and you don’t have to install new app updates all the time. Additionally, the web version does not take up storage space in your mobile device. By the way, EDA can also be used in a dark night mode, which is very popular today.
  • Access from Anywhere
    EDA’s huge advantage is its cloud solution. Tasks data are available wherever the internet is available. There are other benefits of the cloud solution – you do not have to worry about installing any app, updating, running your server or backing up your data. We solve everything for you.

  • Monitoring of Time Spent on Tasks
    A very interesting benefit of using EDA is the possibility of entering the time spent on each task. EDA generates statistics from the work times entered. You will see how much time was spent on each particular task or project. In connection with our SYSDO attendance system, it is possible to monitor the workload of individual employees (for more information about the time monitoring using SYSDO attendance system click here). In addition, you can set the maximum amount of time spent on each task. This will help, for example, when planning the time estimation of a project.
  • Filters and Tabs
    Many users will appreciate advanced options of task filtering – it is possible to filter open tasks after deadline, and it is possible to filter tickets by all attributes they contain, i.e. by project, assigned users, status, tags, dates of creation, and many others. Filters can be saved for reuse, and can be saved even as tabs, which makes them always on hand and easy to find thanks to the chose icon and color feature.
  • Custom Statuses
    The default status of tasks in EDA are “To-Do”, “In process”, “Done” and “Waiting for information”. We understand that in many cases these status choices will not suffice. Therefore, you can create your own custom status options in each project. Status describe the process that is currently happening with the task so you can name the status as you wish and create as many of them as you need. Like this, you can easily adapt EDA to your needs and company procedures.

Eda as helpdesk

Handling customer requests has never been easier. With EDA, you will never have a customer request go unanswered.

Tickets can be also created from the outside of EDA – for example by customers. Customer requests are then the part of EDA. There is no need for customers to use EDA as there are two options to insert their requests to EDA automatically:

  • The first option is to link EDA with the email address to which customers send their requests. All emails that arrive to this address are automatically inserted into EDA as tickets and can be assigned to predefined users.

  • The second option is to generate a form that you simply insert on your website. The advantage of this option is that you filter out spam that comes to your email address (this spam will not be created in EDA in the form of tickets).

Subsequent communication is simple – you answer via EDA, customers via email. Customer responses are automatically matched with the existing ticket so the order is kept in the tickets. And of course, Eda also supports sending attachments on both sides.

Monitoring of Productivity and Activities

If you use the SYSDO attendance system together with the EDA ticketing system in your company, you will get a comprehensive overview of your employees’ activities and overall productivity.

In each ticket, a user can gradually insert the time he spent on the task. EDA adds up these times. This gives you an overview of how much employee resources have been spent on the task or the whole project.

We have been running the SYSDO attendance system for many years. SYSDO and EDA can be easily connected for a comprehensive overview of your employees’ activities and overall productivity. What does it mean? A user can add activities to SYSDO today. In many cases, however, this is not a convenient solution for employees. EDA performs activities automatically based on the times entered in tickets. The result of this connection is a useful graphical presentation of the employees activities in SYSDO, where you can see immediately which employee is overloaded and which is not.

This system will help you to optimize processes in your company very effectively, saving not only time but also money.

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